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Whisk(e)y Flights and Cocktails

Whisk(e)y Flights

The Japanese

Hibiki 12, Hakushu 12, Taketsuru 12, Yamazaki 12


The Connoisseur

Glenfarclas 21, Highland Park 25, Macallan 21, Octave Linkwood 21


The World Tour

Miyagikyo 12(Japan), Amrut Fusion(India), Sullivan’s Cove 11(Australia) The English Whisky Classic (Norfolk, England)


Whisk(e)y Cocktails

The Manhattan

Whisk(e)y price + 3.00 up charge

Select your favorite whisk(e)y, bitters, and sweet vermuth
Served straight up with a maraschino cherry.

Old Fashioned

Whisk(e)y price

Select your favorite whisk(e)y, bitters, sugar cube
Served with an ice sphere, and orange twist


Whisk(e)y price

Select your favorite rye whiskey, absinthe, bitters, lemon twist, served neat or ice sphere

Smokey Martini

Belvedere Intense Unfiltered Vodka, Laphroig 10, Bitters
Served straight up


Japanese Rusty Nail

Yamazaki 12, Drambuie, Ice Sphere, Lemon twist